Tomoko Takanashi, Pianist
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August 2000

At some point I received in the mail a tape from a recital played by Tomoko Takanashi at the Odense Concerthouse, a tape including one of my pieces, "Star Prelude and Love Fugue". I put the tape on and - I quite literally didn't believe what I heard!  It was that good, and that goes for the other Danish pieces performed by Ms. Takanashi.

Apparently Tomoko chose to go to Denmark in order to study Danish piano music in general, Carl Nielsen in particular. Being Danish I'm of course flattered that an artist from far-away Japan has taken such a keen interest in the music of my country, but at the end of the day Nationality doesn't enter the picture at all. It's musicianship that counts and Ms. Takanashi's rendering of the programme she'd chosen proves beyond any doubt that she's a performer second to none; flawless technique and deep musical concentration all in the service of her art.

I'm convinced that Tomoko Takanashi is a rising star on the fiercely competitive horizon of international piano playing.

Poul Ruders

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